09. Browsing Using Tags

Using tags, you can “poke around” and browse through your documents, easily adding and removing search criteria. You might do this while searching diligently for a specific document or just taking a walk down memory lane. To do this, all you need is an understanding of how the tags work. The Documents tab provides search controls above the documents area and tags controls in the lower-left corner.
  • Understanding a tag’s number: When the Tags area is not in edit mode, each tag shows a number to the right of it. The number represents how many documents that meet the current search criteria have that tag applied. If the number is 0, no documents have that tag applied to it.
  • Searching by tag: Click a tag name to narrow the search criteria to documents with that tag applied. When you add search criteria, the numbers next to each tag change to reflect the new search results.
  • Seeing tags in search criteria: When you click a tag name in the Tags area, it is added to the search criteria—also know as the “breadcrumb trail”—shown above the documents area. When a black border displays around the tag, it is part of the current search criteria.
  • Removing a tag from search criteria: To remove a tag from search criteria, click its name in the Tags list or click the X next to it in the “breadcrumb trail.”

Here, we are browsing to find the serial numbers for a software update. We clicked Adobe and Receipts in the Tags area, then added the word “serial” to the search criteria.

Tip: You can further refine a search by selecting a specific cabinet to search within, entering search text, and/or specifying a relevant date. For example, say you’re looking for a receipt for a specific cashmere sweater that you remember buying in the fall. You might select the Financial cabinet, the Receipts and Clothing tags, the words “cashmere AND sweater,” and the relevant date of October 2013.