02.1 Handling Destination Issues

Two issues commonly arise with destinations: the destination space is full or a limited number of documents were fetched.

Destination Out of Space

If your destination runs out of space—whether because your hard drive is full (My Mac/My PC) or you have used all your allotted space (Dropbox, Evernote, etc.)—FileThis cannot deliver fetched documents until you resolve the issue. FileThis will notify you of the problem via email.

Few Documents Fetched

If it seems like documents are missing, this may be because you recently switched destinations. When you select a new destination, FileThis fetches only one month's worth of documents for each connection. Any documents fetched previously remain in their former location.

  • If you want access to documents from your former destination, download the documents before changing destinations. You can then upload the documents manually.
  • You can also have FileThis fetch all available documents for a connection. It is, however,  important to remember that FileThis can only fetch the documents that are available for each connection. Your bank, for example, may only make 12 months' worth of statements available.