18. Choosing a Scanner

If you don’t have a scanner—and you do have reams of important documents in hard copy—you might want to get one. We highly recommend one with a document feeder rather than a flatbed that requires you to place each page manually. Scanner recommendations include:
  • Starter: If most of your records are electronic and you already have a scanner, you can get started using it. For example, you can get started with a printer/scanner combo or even your smart phone. You may want to upgrade it later, however.
  • Professional: If you need to scan, say, half the documents that will go into FileThis, a Doxie may be a good choice. This portable, USB-powered scanner is inexpensive and efficient. You will need to feed the documents in one by one, but you can create single PDFs from multi-page documents.
  • Expert: To go all out and migrate all your hard copy to PDF, you’ll need a high-power scanner. We recommend a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, which is small and speedy, particularly for multi-page documents.

For more detail on scanners, click here.