03. Connecting to Online Accounts

All the accounts you manage online—your bank, store, utility, TV service, and credit card accounts, for example—produce statements every billing period, probably monthly. You need to keep your own copies of these statements so they are always at your fingertips, whether the company goes out of business, changes hands, or limits access to the last few months or year of statements. FileThis fetches all these statements for you, and then notifies you each time it does. Depending on the timing, you can use those notifications as reminders to pay your bills or review your account statements.

Note that if you change an account's password, you will need to update the password in FileThis as well. See "Editing Connections" for details.

How It Works

    1.    You Create Connections: To have FileThis collect documents from an online account, you need to create a “connection.” The connection tells FileThis where to go and how to login to your online account, whether it’s a bank, store, utility, TV service, or credit card account. The connection process is secure and the privacy of your login information is 100 percent protected.

    2.    FileThis Collects and Organizes Documents: Once the new connection is established, FileThis collects all the documents currently available from the account website. The documents are automatically organized by connection in the destination you specified (such as your computer, Evernote, or DropBox). From this point on, FileThis will automatically fetch new statements for that online account.

    3.    You Are Notified: FileThis notifies you by email each time it fetches a new document. You will automatically have copies of all receipts for online purchases, payments made to your credit card company, and monthly bank statements, for example.

Working with Connections

For details on creating, editing, and deleting connections: