03.2 Editing Connections

When you make changes to online accounts, you may need to make changes to your connections in FileThis as well. For example, if you change your login or password information for an account, you need to edit the connection. You can edit the account name, login, and password for your connections. In addition, you can see when FileThis last connected to that account, find out how many total documents have been fetched, and ask FileThis to fetch all documents again.

Editing Connections Using a Browser

     1.    In the FileThis Connections tab, enter the edit mode by clicking the Edit Connections button.

    2.    While in edit mode, you can click on an account name to change it. To edit an individual account, click the Edit button next to it.

    3.    In the Edit Connection dialog box, you can make the following changes:
  • Edit Nickname: Click on an account name to change it.
  • Edit User ID and Password: Click an account’s individual Edit button. The Edit Connection dialog box lets you change information associated with the account, such as the name, login, and password. (Keep in mind that the User ID and Password must match the information saved with that actual account.)
  • Fetch All Documents: If you think you accidentally deleted an account’s documents, you can have FileThis fetch the documents again. To do that, check Fetch All Documents. (FileThis will only fetch documents the next time it connects to the account, not every time.)

    4.    When you're finished making changes, click Save.

    5.    In the Connections tab, click the Edit Connections button again to exit the editing mode.

Editing Connections Using the FileThis Mobile App

1.     Tap the menu in the upper-left corner.

app menu

Tap Connections.

        3.    Tap the Edit button at the top of the Connections screen.

        4.   Make any changes in the connection's edit screen, then click Save.

    5.    In the Connections screen, click Done to exit the editing mode.