03.3 Troubleshooting Connections

If FileThis has trouble connecting to or fetching documents from one of your accounts, you will receive an email about the problem.* This might happen because:
  • You changed your credentials for an account (login and/or password) but did not update the credentials for the FileThis connection. For example, when you hear that an online shopping site has been hacked, you often jump online and change your password for that account. You may not remember to update the FileThis connection at that time.
  • The connection presented additional security options, such as "Who is your favorite athlete?," while fetching documents. See "Validating Connections" in "Creating Connections" for more information.
  • Your destination, such as your hard drive or Dropbox, is out of space. In that case, you will need to clear out space or purchase more space.
*If you are working in your FileThis account, you will receive instant feedback about issues with connections rather than receiving an email. Otherwise, if you do not receive emails about problems with your connections, see "Receiving Fetch Notifications."

In most cases, you can resolve connection problems by updating your account's login and/or password information.

Using a browser: Click the Fix It button in the FileThis Connections tab. Enter your new login credentials and click Try Again.

Using the FileThis mobile app: Tap the Fix It button in the Connections screen. Enter your new login credentials, and then tap Done. In the Connections screen, tap the Check for New Documents button (the two circling arrows).