14.1 Emailing Documents FROM Your Account

Anytime you need a document in your FileThis account, you can email from a browser of the mobile app. For example, you might need to send an immunization record to a school. When you email documents from FileThis, the system sends a message containing links to those documents. The links will expire in 72 hours.

Emailing Documents Using a Browser

To email documents from the FileThis main window:

1.    Login to your FileThis account and click the Documents tab.

2.    Select the documents in the Documents tab. (Remember that you can Shift+click to select a range of documents and Command/Ctrl+click to select multiple, noncontiguous documents.)

3.    Click the Email button in the lower-right corner of the window or, if a flyover menu displays for the document, click its Email button.

4.    Enter one or more email addresses (separated by commas) in the To field.

5.    Enter useful information in the Subject field; for example, if you’re sending a document to another person, you might include your name and the type of paperwork.

6.    Enter a message if you want (optional), then click Send.

Emailing Documents Using the FileThis Mobile App

To email documents from the FileThis mobile app:

1.    Login to your FileThis account.

2.    Locate and display the document you want to email.

3.    Tap Send at the bottom of the screen.

4.    Tap Send and follow the prompts onscreen to send an email.

Tip: To email multiple documents, use the search tools to display a list of documents you want to send. Tap Select and then tap the documents you want to email.

Receiving Documents from FileThis

If you email documents from your FileThis account using a browser, the recipient should get an email from no-reply@filethis.com. If you email documents from the FileThis mobile app, the recipient should get an email from you. The email should arrive in a few minutes (depending on the speed of the mail servers involved). Within the next 72 hours, click the links in the email to download the files.

It's easy to quickly share documents by emailing them.