12. Navigating Documents

When you're searching for a document, FileThis often finds multiple documents that meet your criteria. At that point, you can fine tune the criteria or simply look through the documents to find the one you want. You can quickly skim a variety of documents with the FileThis navigation capabilities.

Navigating Documents Using a Browser

You have various options for navigating documents in the Documents tab of the main FileThis window. First, click the Documents tab, then display the documents in List or Grid view.
  • Mouse scroll wheel: If your mouse has a scroll wheel, you can use it to navigate documents.
  • Arrow keys: Click to select a document, then use the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to move among documents.
  • Page Up, Page Down keys: Use the Page Up key to move to the first row and Page Down to move to the last row of documents that fit in the document window.
  • Home, End keys: Use the Home key to select the first document and the End key to select the last document in all the documents displayed.
  • Laptop navigation: If you’re using a laptop, you can achieve this navigation using the FN key next to the Control key. Press FN+Left Arrow for Page Up, FN+Right Arrow for Page Down, FN+Up Arrow for Home, and FN+Down Arrow for End.

You can navigate among documents in List or Grid view using the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Navigating Documents Using the FileThis App

To browse a collection of documents in the FileThis app, swipe the screen as usual. If you need to preview a document, tap its icon.