13. Renaming Documents

After you upload documents, you may find that the file names are not specific enough. For example, if you forward a receipt received via email, the document often bears a name such as "Thanks for Purchasing from Your Favorite Boutique" rather than "Receipt for Stunning Blue Top."

Renaming a Document Using a Browser

1.    Double-click the document to display the Preview.

2.    Click the document’s current name at right. 

3.    Type a new name for the document in the field, then click the Rename button.

Note: If you need to find a document’s original name (for example, to find the file on your computer), or simply decide to keep the original name, click the document’s name in the Preview and click Revert to Filename.

Renaming a Document Using the FileThis Mobile App

1.    Locate and display the document whose name you want to change.

2.    Click Info while displaying the document.

3.    In the Info screen, tap Edit next to the file name.

4.    Use the keyboard to enter a new name for the document.

5.    Tap Save at the top of the screen.

Note: To revert to the original file name, use a browser to access your FileThis account. 

File Name Tips

The file names applied to the documents you upload to FileThis do not really matter. With cabinets, tags, text searches, upload dates and relevant dates, you can find any file by content in addition to file name. For various reasons, however, you might want to use logical, consistent file names. Tips include:

  • Include a topic, date, and any details in the file name as FileThis does with fetched documents. For example, "AnnTaylor 5509 2013-10-07.pdf" indicates the creditor Ann Taylor, invoice 5509, statement for July 10, 2013. File names such as these let you identify documents at a glance, before and after you upload them to FileThis.
  • If you use logical file names, when you display documents alphabetically, the file names will look neat and make sense.
  • When scanning batches of documents with a scanner that has a document feeder, the scanner software may name the files for you (with names such as Scan1, Scan2, etc.). These names are not useful in terms of organization, so you may want to change these.