04.3 Capturing Pictures and Uploading from the FileThis Mobile App

If your document destination is FileThis, the FileThis app lets you take pictures of documents, such as receipts, to upload to your account. In addition, you can upload other pictures that reside on your phone. (Note that if you receive a document via email on your phone, you can simply forward it to your FileThis account from your email.)

To get started:

     1.    If necessary, download, install, and launch the iOS app or Android app.

    2.    Login to your FileThis account and tap the FileThis menu.

3.    Tap Upload. (The Upload option is available only if your destination is FileThis.)

            4.    Tap Photo Library or Snapshot at the bottom of the screen.

5.    Follow the instructions onscreen to locate or capture pictures, and then upload them to your FileThis account.