04.5 Working with Newly Uploaded Documents

Once you upload documents to your FileThis account, you can easily see them by displaying Recently Added documents.

In the main FileThis browser window, click the Documents tab, and then click the Recently Added option under Cabinets at left.

In the FileThis mobile app, tap the menu and then tap Recently Added.
  • Assigning Tags: Notice that FileThis may have automatically assigned the documents to cabinets and applied tags based on their content. In addition, FileThis has applied a “relevant date” to documents (for example, if a document has an invoice date, that would be the relevant date). Cabinets, tags, and dates are all useful search criteria.
  • Managing Documents: You can now select documents and move them to different cabinets; change the assigned tags, relevant date, and file name; preview, print, and export documents; and more.