05.1 Using the Documents Tab in a Browser

Your documents display in the Documents tab of the FileThis main window—and they display exactly the way you want them to display. You can display documents in a list, display a grid of thumbnails, sort documents in any order you want, and search for any given document or subset of documents. The controls are in the upper-right corner of the Documents tab:

Viewing Documents in a List or Grid

The views work as follows:

  • To display documents in a list, click the List button at right.

  • To display documents as a grid of thumbnail previews, click the Grid button at right.

  • To control the size of the thumbnail previews, drag the slider in the lower-right corner.
  • To see more documents but less information about them, uncheck Show Details in the lower-left corner.

Sorting Documents

Whether documents are displayed as a list or grid, you can choose an option from the Sort By menu to control the order: Name, Relevant Date, Date Added, Date Created. You might, for example, choose Date Added to find a recently uploaded document. You can also sort names/dates in an ascending or descending manner.

Viewing a Subset of Documents

To search for and display a subset of documents in the window, use the search bar above the documents. You can use any combination of a Cabinet or Account along with the Tags, Text, and Dates features as search criteria. Whatever options you specify—for example, all the documents in the Cars cabinet with the Maintenance tag containing the words “oil”—will display. For more information about searching for documents, see "Searching for Documents."